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Single in the city

Ali Lucia

By Megan Malugani

Aside from the time she spends in the anchor chair for Fox 47 News, Ali Lucia doesn’t sit still much. The self-described night owl is constantly on the go, whether she’s working out, playing volleyball, attending sporting events, or living up to her “Social Butterfly” nickname by chatting on the phone with old friends or meeting new ones. “I like to keep my schedule jam-packed and always like to be doing something,” says Ali, who moved to Rochester ten months ago after previously working as a sideline reporter for Fox Sports Net North. “I have friends that are from Rochester, and they say, ‘Ali, you know more people than I do and I’ve lived here my whole life.’ When you move you have to put yourself out there. Otherwise it’s hard to meet people.”

Age: 25.

Occupation: Anchor/Producer for Fox 47.

Nicknames: Ali’s full name is Alison, but she’s always gone by Ali. Some friends and colleagues call her “Als” and “Looch.”
Minnesota roots: Although Ali was born in Alaska and lived in Colorado until she was 15, she considered herself a Minnesota girl even before she officially moved to the state. Her dad, University of Minnesota hockey coach Don Lucia, was a Minnesota native, and the Lucia family spent every summer on the lakes in northern Minnesota.

From Sports To Hard News: Ali loved her first job as a sideline/feature reporter for Fox Sports Net, but is happy to have transitioned to hard news. She calls the recent Republican National Convention “one of the most enjoyable events I’ve ever covered, and I’ve covered Monday Night Football and the AL division series. At the convention, I felt like I was at a big-time sporting event ... being in news right now is exciting, especially with the political race the way it is. I love it."

Familiar Faces: Ali gets recognized around town by people who have seen her on TV, but it is a two-way street—she is pretty good about recognizing people herself. “I’m good with names and faces. Even if I’ve only met someone for one minute, I’ll still recognize their face and remember who they are. For what we do for a living, we have to be able to do that,” she says.

Words Her Friends Use To Describe Her: Ubiquitous. Friendly. Nice (“probably to a point where I’m too nice sometimes ... I don’t say ‘no’ very often.”). A “serial dater.”
Hangouts: Chester’s. Kathy’s. Starbucks downtown. The monthly downtown ArtWalk and Flux events. The Rochester Athletic Club (Ali is training for a triathlon).

Dating Do’s: Ali’s idea of a great date revolves around the person rather than the place or activity. “My ideal date would be good conversation, good chemistry, and good company.” One of Ali’s best dates ever was ice skating at an outdoor rink on New Year’s Eve. “We had the whole rink to ourselves.”

Dating Don’ts: Don’t plan on ‘dinner and a movie’ if you’re dating Ali. “I don’t watch movies that often. If I’m going out on a date with someone the whole point is getting to know them, and that isn’t getting to know them.” And although Ali loves sports, hitting the big game together isn’t her idea of the perfect date, either. “I know 20 million people when I go to a sporting event. It’s a little overwhelming. I would prefer something more intimate, where you can get to know someone.”
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