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Lobster Lover's Dream at Red Lobster

By Megan Malugani

The dish: Lobster Lover’s Dream
The place: Red Lobster, 195 S. Broadway, 287-9710
The price: About $29

What you’re eating: A warm-water rock lobster tail (likely caught off the coast of South America) and a cold-water Maine lobster tail are paired with shrimp and langostino (a crawfish-sized lobster) pasta in a creamy garlic Alfredo sauce. The Lobster Lover’s Dream is served with a choice of salad and a pasta.

Why you’ll love it: “Customers get to taste a variety of lobster. With the langostino lobster in there, you’re getting three different kinds of lobster and also a little bit of shrimp,” says manager Vince Garness. The Lobster Lover’s Dream is only available during Red Lobster’s annual Lobsterfest, which runs February 16 to April 19 this year. “People wait all year for this dish to come around,” Garness says.
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